Rogue Router Firmware Chaos #Backdoor

                             200 K Online Home Routers Affected Worldwide (approximately) There are more than 3 Billion internet users worldwide. With the growth of internet users, home router sales also have increased. But sadly the security risk in home

How Nepali hacker stole around 5 lakh from ATM hacking bank account ?

Kosh Raj Bhattrai of Biratnagar and Leela Bawada of Lalitpur were accused of hacking bank account. With that hack details account number and ATM pin number, they clone the new ATM card with that compromised users’ details.

How malware spread it’s impact and effect? How to be safe from It?

What is malware and how malware spread? Malware is also known as “Malicious Software” is used disturb computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer system or display unwanted advertising. Ways of a malware attack,

Turkish Hacker Breach South Asian Bank, 2 Nepalese Bank data is also leaked online.

Lately, a group of Turkish hackers called “Bazkurtlar” as known as “Grey Wolves” has leaked 5 South Asian Banks customer credentials data online. Two of the banks, Sanima Bank and Business Universal Development Bank,  is based in

ImageMagick Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

ImageMagick is a famous library open to process images, which supports many language (Perl, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby) and is used in millions of websites, including blogs, forums and CMS like Drupal or WordPress code. Nikolay Ermishkin

How hacker can stole 3 digits pin of your Credit Card ?

Online buyer knows that the all credit and debit cards have 3 – digit “Card Verification Value” (CVV or CVV2) code printed on the back. Merchants are forbidden from storing this information — so how do online

Company possess Risk from Internal Threats #90% of IT employees indicate that if they lost their jobs, they’d take sensitive company data with them

The term “insider threats” often refers to individuals who use their knowledge of or access to an organization and its systems to deliberately perpetrate wrongdoing, whether fraud, sabotage, theft, or a violent act. The term can also

Was Apple Mac OS X really secure ?

Apple Mac OS X 10.11.4 had delivered an ineffective patch update this time. OS X EI capita 10.11.4 and iOS 9.3 still contain a privilege escalation vulnerability that could affected. Apple had fixed the critical vulnerabilities patch

Why is Nepal the easy target to cash out for International hacker???

Kathmandu- Nepal, International hacker are targeting  Nepal to cash out from clone credit card . Due to the lack of information technology growth in Nepal, old version software are used in the ATM with WINDOWS-XP (outdated software from

Critical Ghost Vulnerability(Successor of Heartbleed and Shellshock)

The most talked issue in the field of Information Security now days is                    ”Ghost vulnerability”, a buffer overflow bug found in the glibc function name – “GetHOSTbyname(). This