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ImageMagick Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

ImageMagick is a famous library open to process images, which supports many language (Perl, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby) and is used in millions of websites, including blogs, forums and CMS like Drupal or WordPress code. Nikolay Ermishkin

Rogue Router Firmware Chaos #Backdoor

                             200 K Online Home Routers Affected Worldwide (approximately) There are more than 3 Billion internet users worldwide. With the growth of internet users, home router sales also have increased. But sadly the security risk in home

Critical Ghost Vulnerability(Successor of Heartbleed and Shellshock)

The most talked issue in the field of Information Security now days is                    ”Ghost vulnerability”, a buffer overflow bug found in the glibc function name – “GetHOSTbyname(). This

Lizard Stresser – An Alarm for SME

#DDoS #Lizard #Stresser #SME #Nepal #Cyber #Threat Usually I don’t write big junk rather limiting myself within 140 character, I could not resist myself to write something until I saw the new tornado coming towards our cyberspace

How anyone can hack your Digicom Router? (CVE-2014-8496)

I am very fond of researching about the embedded devices. One day I was into my Digicom router, to test how much secure i am from the attack like Is You PC Safe Inside NAT . After finding