How Nepali hacker stole around 5 lakh from ATM hacking bank account ?

Kosh Raj Bhattrai of Biratnagar and Leela Bawada of Lalitpur were accused of hacking bank account. With that hack details account number and ATM pin number, they clone the new ATM card with that compromised users’ details.

They were paying tatm nepali hackerhe bills of hotel and departmental stored with cloned ATM card. According to Nepal police, they have found a hacking machine with 5 different credit card from Bhattrai and Bawada. Hacker have spent around 5 lakh Rupee within 8-9 months. Only after the account owner reported the complain of the money  missing in his account , police came to aware about the criminal and start searching for the ATM fraudsters.

This is the first incident happen in the Kaski District. Special force found the information about suspected hacker only on Ashar 3. Then Nepal police sub inspector Megraj Gurung and Kul Bahadur Rokka had reached to the hotel and found one hacker has stayed at hotel and another on outside. With the joint team of District police and Warda duty officer hackers were arrested. Arrested ATM fraudsters will be charging according to Bank criminal act law.

This is not the first case of ATM fraud in Nepal. Millions of Rupees were stolen from depositors’ accounts at Himalayan Bank Limited (HBL) in another Debit Card fraud. Unlike that foreign hackers has been arrested on last year when trying to steal money from the ATM machine. Similarly, Police arrested a racket involving three Indian nationals from Mahendranagar for withdrawing cash illegally from ATMs using fake debit cards. However, these incidents show banking frauds carried out through ATMs are on the rise.

Now with the digital money transfer method like ebanking etc. online crime rate have increased. Few months back only foreign criminal were using Nepal to cash out the money but now the time have changed and Nepali hacker have started to do so. Time often the critical infrastructure like bank are breached and only few or the incident are reported, known by bank and 1% of them get public. Hence, now it time to user as well bank to be aware that we should question our bank and ourself. Is our money safe?. what if all the hard working saved money is gone the other night when you wake up and there is not much we can do after that so , before that bank should start investing on the security of there IT infrastructure and user be aware of there card,pin,e-banking password  and also report as soon if any suspicious things is happening  to there account.

It’s better to act before hacker do. @N_Cnew


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