Was Apple Mac OS X really secure ?

apple-mac-computer-540x334Apple Mac OS X 10.11.4 had delivered an ineffective patch update this time. OS X EI capita 10.11.4 and iOS 9.3 still contain a privilege escalation vulnerability that could affected.

Apple had fixed the critical vulnerabilities patch for Macs and iThings, the SIP(System Integrity Protection) can still be bypassed in the most recent version of operating system, Still the Apple users are vulnerable of remotely hijack their machines.

Recently Researcher found very critical zero-day exploitation in the latest version of Apple’s OS X. so , they can easily bypass the victim’s computer  without authorized access. Pedro Vilaҫa, lead OS X security researcher at security firm Sentinel One has discovered a zero day issue in all current mac OS X version the company announced. The bug as a non-memory corruption issue which allows attackers to execute remote code on targeted machine, later escalate their system privileges to the root user. Almost all recent Mac version, as Mr. Vilaҫa discovered, on Mac OS X El Capition, the bug allow to bypass security feature of Apple, the System Integrity Protection (SIP) mechanism.

Apple designed SIP to prevent any users, even root ones from modifying key system file. Vilaҫa bug can go around this protection, alter system files, and allow malware to get persistence on infected device. if users ever discover the infection, removing it would be might impossible since SIP would work against them, preventing from reaching or altering the malware-placed system file.

The vulnerability is easy to exploit, and simple spear-phishing emails or browser-based attack should be more than enough to compromise systems. it is logic base vulnerability extremely reliable and stable and does not crash machines or processes accounting to  Mr. Vilaҫa. SentinelOne explains. This kind of exploit could typically be used in highly targets or state sponsored attacks.

Statistics vulnerabilities along with time such as:-

In 2013


Apple Mac Os X scored an 63 vulnerabilities, Apple Ios scored an 89 vulnerabilities, Linux kernel scored an 158, Microsoft Windows 7 scored an 100, Microsoft Server 2008 scored 104 vulnerabilities, Ubuntu Linus scored an 72 vulnerabilities.

In 2014


 Apple Mac Os scored an 147  vulnerabilities, Apple Ios scored an 127 vulnerabilities, Linux kernel scored an 119, Microsoft Windows 8 scored an 36, Microsoft Server 2008 scored 38 vulnerabilities.

In 2015


According to the chart, Apple Mac OS X scored 384 vulnerabilities, Ubuntu Linux scored an 152 vulnerabilities, Microsoft Windows 8.1 scored an 151 vulnerabilities and the Microsoft Windows 147 vulnerabilities reported.

Apple Mac OS X  seems highly secure than windows and Linux in 2013.  In 2014 Apple Mac OS X vulnerabilities had been gradually increased. Again, in 2015 the number of Mac OS X vulnerabilities increased by double. Mac OS X vulnerabilities trends to be increasing with although with time. It seems Mac OS X have been holding lots of vulnerabilities but researchers are investing more time to find out those vulnerabilities in recent year.

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